Learning to Weave

I have eagerly anticipated the commencement of studying the Greeks.  Partly due to the fact that the Greeks are kind of awesome and partly due to the suggestion in our history curriculum to learn how to weave as an enrichment activity.

I ordered a Harrisville Easy Weaver B (18″ wide), which comes pre-warped, for the girls and me to learn the craft upon.

I’ve done most of the weaving, but Bluebird will put in a few rows here and there, and Penguin likes to watch and give the shuttle its last little push to get it through the shed.

If I could do it all over again, I would have ordered the smaller size (10″ wide).  I think the large width of our loom is slightly intimidating to the girls.

Bluebird has done her share of Loopy Loom potholders, so she already knew the technicalities of weaving.  I think, after we finish up this pre-warped project, I’ll let her choose the colors and size of the next project and see how that goes.

Weaving is a lot quicker than knitting, and she’s always worried about how looooong it takes to complete things.  Weaving may be the perfect sort of hobby for her.