Cupcake Apron

Yes, I am slightly disturbed that she knows how to pose like that.

Pattern: Little Retro Aprons for Kids, by Cindy Taylor Oates, Pattern A-2
Fabric: Cupcakes–I’ve managed to discard all the selvage from this except for one piece that says “Robert Kau…”; Dots–from the “Smores” collection by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda, Pattern #22074

I am loving this apron, and Bluebird has warmed up to it since her lacklustre reception upon its completion. I am totally looking forward to making more of these babies! The pattern is very well-written, except for one tiny mistake that tells you to put the wrong sides together near the end, but it’s easy to catch and correct. I’ve also purchased the designer’s other two apron pattern books for adults…mwahahahaha, aprons galore!


The Thanks I Get

I committed to sewing up an apron for both Bluebird and Rabbit. We’ve picked out fabric (Bluebird went with pink, cupcakes and rainbow bubble dots; Rabbit is still deciding between cherries or sock monkeys…oh, to understand the decision-making criteria of a two year old), I washed Bluebird’s fabric and got it ready to go and I started cutting and sewing this morning.

I really enjoyed sewing up the little apron, which is so adorable and perky; but after seven collective hours of sewing and sticking pins into my fingers, I was pretty glad to be done. I proudly produced the tiny apron to my family, and Mr. Brooke expressed his admiration and Bluebird was happy to put the apron on so I could take a picture of her in it. I then took it off of her so I could do some “Finish Project Shots” and when I was rudely cut off from that endeavor by my lazy camera batteries, I offered it back to her to put on again.

Her response: “No thank you.”

I think the next apron will be for me. ONLY ME.

And I’ll be sure to probably thank myself for all the trouble I went to in making me a present!

(Pictures will follow when: 1. I get new camera batteries, and 2. I find the cord that allows me to upload my pictures to my computer.)