Slow and Steady…

Can I just say that I totally love this scarf?

Seriously, this has been a great knit. I love cables…it’s so fun to watch them appear as you knit.

For those of you who are interested, you can find the pattern online for free! (Thus proving that this scarf is even cooler…free patterns are so nice to come by.)

We’re at forty percent completion. It would be fifty percent if I had been able to find time to knit on it in the past two days. (That’s why I aimed to finish this a month early; I knew there would be days where I could not knit.)

I might knit another one of these. That’s saying a lot because I’ve never knitted the same thing twice. Ever.

Aran Scarf, you rock!

(Even if I’m kicking myself for signing up for ISE6. Really? A scarf exchange? With a newborn and two other little ones? While making three baby quilts? And after my husband has been newly diagnosed with kidney disease? I’m a flippin’ moron!)

(But then I look at this beautiful concoction of yarn and think that it’s worth it to have had the opportunity to discover this pattern and work with it.)


Yee Haw, Movin’ Along…

Well, the Cowboy Quilt is officially pieced. All that stands between it and completion is a couple of trips to the quilting shop; one to pick out the fabric for the backing and binding, another to drop it off with its backing and batting to be quilted and one last trip to pick it up to take home and sew on the binding. (I’m going to have it professionally quilted because I don’t like to machine quilt and, truthfully, their quilting just plain looks better than mine.)

Rabbit thinks the quilt top makes a swell picnic blanket. (Too bad she dumped that cup of water on it about five seconds after the picture was taken.)

Yes, the blanket seems small; but, in my experience, it’s the smaller baby blankets (24 x 36 inches or so) that become children’s favorites. I’ve made some 36 x 48″ blankets, but that size seems to be too cumbersome for little people to tote. Both Bluebird and Rabbit have adopted “blankies” that are about 2 x 3 feet, so I started making my gift blankets that size as well.

Coming Out of Hibernation

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? She’s earmarked for a special little person and I’ve already finished with the tying, which seemed to suit her better than machine quilting…I don’t know why, but I went with it.

Just some binding and she’s good to go.