County Fair Suspense

Penguin is a nervous mess.  We submitted her little knit hat to the County Fair on Monday, judging was yesterday, and we’re hoping to go sometime today to see if she won a ribbon.

She planned her outfit for today last night, and has repeatedly asked me if she looks “County Fair-ish” enough.  She’s gone back and forth on her choice of earrings.  She thinks I should do her hair…but then she doesn’t, because it’s just going to get messed up when she rides ALL the rides.

She asks me how much longer until the Fair opens, once every twenty minutes or so.

Bluebird, in her funny little way, is trying to prep Penguin for the reality that she may not win a blue ribbon by saying confidence-boosting things such as , “You know, a third place ribbon is better than no ribbon at all.”*

Whenever someone wishes Penguin good luck on her entry, she beams and says, “Thank you!  And remember to keep hoping that I win the blue ribbon!”  She is dreaming big and there is no squashing of her dream.

We’ve driven past the Fairgrounds twice today already.  (The first drive-by granted us the memorable experience of witnessing two Carnies beating each other up with pipes in the parking lot.)  Junebug and Monkeyboy will not settle down for their naps.

Oh, I hope this girl wins a ribbon…

*  Bluebird has also been offering me sage advice in the attempt of keeping my hopes diminished as well, with such gems as “I bet you MIGHT win third place with that one,” and, in response to my statement that I did not know how many ribbons I would win because I knew who I was going up against and they were very good:  “Yeah, especially if you’re going up against Kit!  She knits waaaaaay prettier stuff than you!”

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