Penguin’s First Knit!

She’s done it!  The first Brookelet to begin and complete a knitted project!  She’s been working away on it diligently while listening to read alouds, and while we’re driving in the car.  It’s supposed to be a hat for Monkeyboy; but, figuring she’d be a loose knitter like Bluebird, I miscalculated how many stitches she’d need because she’s turned out to be an extremely tight knitter.  (It’s now a Christmas present for a soon-to-arrive baby in the extended family–sssshhhh, don’t tell!)

The yarn is that Lion Brand Hometown…something, in colors…something green and something red.

She’s going to enter it into the Utah County Fair tomorrow, and she has big dreams for winning first place, even though first place does not come with a trophy…or a green ribbon.  She’ll settle for blue.

Her next project?  I’m thinking she’s going to take the plunge and try out a Knitted Monster.  I’ve had the pattern book for ages now, and she and her sisters actually read it as a bedtime story.  They pine for knitted monsters of their very own.

Good job, Penguin!  You’re a knitting rock star!

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