Finished: Cheerful Baby Quilt

My dreams have finally come to realization! I am a completely finished blanket! Oh, it’s wonderful!

The oldest girl really likes me and I’ve victoriously been added to the necessary accessories needed for her to go to sleep each night. It also appears that I am her go-to television blanket. She wraps me around her like a shawl whenever she watches TV.

It’s really happened, I’m finally finished. It’s taken years to get to my completion, but it’s been worth it when I’m lovingly dragged around the house and demanded for each night. Life is good; downright cheerful, I’d say.

Coming Out of Hibernation

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? She’s earmarked for a special little person and I’ve already finished with the tying, which seemed to suit her better than machine quilting…I don’t know why, but I went with it.

Just some binding and she’s good to go.