Finished: Ewe Beanie

I think it’s adorable!

Yarn: Bernat CottonTots in Strawberry. I’ve had it forever and finally used it up with this.
Pattern: Rolled Brim Baby Hat with a Top Knot, minus the hearts.
Needles: US 6 DPN

I knit this up in the car when we were at Mr. Broke’s mother’s house for Christmas. It’s a three hour ride up, and then we spend lots of time in the car because she lives a long way away from anything, so it takes at least thirty minutes to get to a restaurant or store…lots of free time that needs something to keep my hands busy. I actually started another hat on the way home, but don’t know if I’ll finish it ever. I get tired of a pattern rather quickly, even one as cute as this.

Everything is sheep-themed for my little lamb. I knit up this beanie and felt it needed something more to make it cute. I originally thought I’d weave some pink and brown grosgrain ribbon around the brim, but I was admiring a sleeper I’d bought for her one evening and realized that I could duplicate the super cute appliqued sheep. I stink at applique, so it’s not the best job–but I can live with it.

I think she’ll look rather cute in the combo. I am getting so excited for this little one to arrive!

3 thoughts on “Finished: Ewe Beanie

  1. amyjane says:

    That’s adorable. I love the matching applique, and I totally love baby hats with the knot on top. Is this baby’s name….Rachel? Or am I spoiling the surprise with my internet research? 🙂


  2. Mrs. Brooke says:

    I was wondering when someone would figure it out; but yes, we are naming this little one Rachel June.Everone’s been so excited about what her name is going to be after Renaissance’s name…and then we tell them and they’re like, “Oh…that’s nice.” Ha ha.


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