Cherry Blossom Blanket

We are awaiting a new little addition that will arrive this summer for one of Michael’s brothers (and his wife, obviously) and I simply adore making baby things, so I volunteered to make a blanket for the wee princess.  I saw this pattern and color scheme used in a handmade purse and have been biding my time until I could finally use the combination for a project.

PatternAfrican Flower Hexagon, by Lounette Fourie & Anita Rossouw (Sarie Magazine July 2009)
The edging is #250 “Coming Up Shells” out of 280 Crochet Shell Patterns by Darla Sims.  I figured out the half motifs through trial and error.
Yarn:  Red Heart Super Saver Solids in 0724 Baby Pink, 0774 Lt. Raspberry, 0378 Claret & 0505 Aruba Sea; Caron Simply Soft in 0003 Pistachio.

Hook:  G (4.0 mm) on the Caron Simply Soft & H (5.0 mm) on the RHSS.

Thank you Junebug, for “taking pictures with the blanket.”
(She was overjoyed to help model this finished project, as Bluebird is my usual go-to for photos.  I think Junebug has earned herself a permanent place in my arsenal of models.)

Click here for this project’s Ravelry Page.

Little Monkey Baby Hat for my Little Monkeyboy

Oh, the cuteness is almost overwhelming!

PatternLittle Monkey Baby Hat by Irina Poludnenko

YarnKnit Picks Swish DK in Bark, Doe, Charcoal Heather & Coal

Needles:  US 6 DPN

Modifications:  Braided earflap tassels instead of I-Cord.

Many months ago, I became aware of this pattern after mentioning at Knit Nite that I wanted to make a monkey hat for my baby boy.  Kit found this pattern on Ravelry and showed it me, and I knew I had to make it someday.

I then got the idea into my head that it would make a great Christmas present and strived to make it work, but I ran out of the dark brown color a few days before the holiday and had to wait for it arrive later.  (If I had been a little more frugal in my tail ends and done I-cord tassels instead of braided tassels, I’m pretty sure I could have completed this with just one skein of the dark brown…)

Monkeyboy seems to like it.  He likes to hold a tassel in each of his chubby little hands and then chew on the yarn.

The pattern is a little crazy; I don’t think I’ll make this again because it drove me nuts.  It seemed as though the designer was trying really hard to make the pattern fit onto one page of instructions, and so she’d leave out minor details or type multiple rows’ worth of instructions onto one line.  Yeah, you’re still technically able to create the hat, but it takes more mental energy, which isn’t something I’m in excess possession of when I sit down to knit.  Things like that in pattern are the little things…and the little things matter!

Liking the yarn.  Haven’t done anything with DK weight before, but I really liked how baby-perfect it seemed…sometimes worsted seems just a little too heavy for babies, but this weight is just one step lighter, so it feels like “baby-worsted.”  I basically have full skeins left of the Bark, Charcoal Heather and Coal colors and I’d estimate I’ve got half a skein of the Doe/Light Brown color left.  And it’s superwash merino!  I don’t know why, but I am feeling pretty proud that my little bitty boy has a nice, warm, wool cap for his head.  It just feels like I’m taking especially good care of him by clothing him in wool against the bitter cold that’s outside right now.  Mommy Success!

Gotta keep those chubby little cheeks warm & toasty too!

Sweet Pea Hat for a Little Princess

My cousin and his lovely wife just became the proud parents of an adorable little girl in November, so I made an adorable little hat for her first Christmas.  I made a unisex version before the birth of Monkeyboy (which he wore proudly), but I was really looking forward to making it in a definitive gender color scheme.

PatternSweet Pea, by Susan B. Anderson
YarnTahki Cotton Classic (#3446-Pink, and I couldn’t read the color number for the green…)
Needles:  US 5 & 7

Needless to say, I think this is an adorable little hat.  This was the first time I was able to use the Cotton Classic yarn, and I don’t think I’m a big fan of it.  It’s too…crisp.  Which seems like a weird thing to dislike, but dislike it I do.  The colors are beautiful and I love the sheen of the yarn…but it’s too crisp for me.  I don’t know how to describe it any other way.

It’s so much fun now that my family members are starting to reproduce!  I won’t commit to making something for every new soul, but I’m definitely going to try to fit in some crafting for wee ones when they come about into the world.

When I logged into my Facebook account this afternoon, I saw that there were new pictures of the wee little and I happily discovered that two of those pictures featured her modelling this very hat.  This marks the infant’s parents as knitworthy, which may benefit her in the way of knitted goods in the future.  She looked so stinkin’ cute and so very tiny.  Sweet baby girl.  Oh, bitty babies are just so precious.

Merry Christmas!

Posts might resume in this next week, but I reserve the right to continue enjoying a low-stress vacation.

WIP: Space Blankie

I just realized that I haven’t done much reporting on my various creative pursuits in a while. Truth be told, summer doesn’t find me doing much crafting simply because we’re just so busy with all the various outdoor activities that accompany good weather. Crafting hits its stride in the colder months.

However, when I do find a spare moment, I have been working on this little blanket for Monkeyboy. You may remember that I posted about getting the fabric for it months ago, but actual construction has been very slow. I’m actually taking great pains on this particular project and binding the raw edges instead of my usual sew-the-edges-and-turn-it-right-side-out approach. Binding raw edges requires a once-around with the sewing machine and then a once-around with good old-fashioned hand sewing. I just like how it looks, so I do it that way sometimes. I’ve been running a timer while working on it to see how long it takes to do it this way and I’m up to five hours so far. I think it will take another six hours of work to finish it. Good luck coming up with that anytime soon!

Roar! A Dinosaur Hat

Pattern: Roar! A Dinosaur Hat, by Kate Oates
Yarn: Knit Picks’ Shine Worsted in Aquamarine and Clementine (60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal natural beech wood fiber)
Needles: US 7

Talk about crazy cuteness! I saw this pattern while I was still pregnant with Monkeyboy; and, not knowing the gender of my little bambino, told myself that if I had a boy that I would definitely make this hat. Let’s just say I was all too happy to keep that promise and I plan on fulfilling it many times more after this initial completion. I LOVE this hat!

Of course, my darling boy looks completely adorable in it. (But really, with a smile like that, he could make anything look absolutely charming…) I plan on making the next one in a monochromatic color scheme…light and dark shades of the same color. (I’ve been told that this would make it look more dinosaury.) I’ve also had a request from one of my daughters for a pink version. This hat is a runaway winner!

The pattern is super easy to follow and the spikes are totally easy to make. (Perfection for a sleep-deprived mama such as myself!) Make one yourself, you’ll fall in love with it as well!

Click here to see this project’s Ravelry page.

Yee Haw, Movin’ Along…

Well, the Cowboy Quilt is officially pieced. All that stands between it and completion is a couple of trips to the quilting shop; one to pick out the fabric for the backing and binding, another to drop it off with its backing and batting to be quilted and one last trip to pick it up to take home and sew on the binding. (I’m going to have it professionally quilted because I don’t like to machine quilt and, truthfully, their quilting just plain looks better than mine.)

Rabbit thinks the quilt top makes a swell picnic blanket. (Too bad she dumped that cup of water on it about five seconds after the picture was taken.)

Yes, the blanket seems small; but, in my experience, it’s the smaller baby blankets (24 x 36 inches or so) that become children’s favorites. I’ve made some 36 x 48″ blankets, but that size seems to be too cumbersome for little people to tote. Both Bluebird and Rabbit have adopted “blankies” that are about 2 x 3 feet, so I started making my gift blankets that size as well.

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been spending time with the Backyard Leaves scarf lately. It’s made in two halves; I finished the first half before Christmas and then just kind of lost my enthusiasm for it until now. So far, I’ve gotten through four repeats of the pattern, which leaves only eight more to go. (It takes me a little over an hour to get through a repeat…I’m either the slowest knitter alive or the pattern is just hard to get through…you cannot memorize this thing!)

Can you see the leaves? I worry that I made a very bad choice in yarn for this and that it will be hard to decipher the pattern when it’s done. I’m crossing my fingers that blocking will really make this scarf bloom into something pretty.

I know who this is for…and I’m aiming to have this done by the end of March, but I’m wondering if I should send it when it’s done or just put it in the gift pile and wait until next winter/Christmas to send it? I also have a scarf picked out to make for the significant other of the gift recipient, so I think I’d like to wait until I at least have both done before sending them on their way. I have this grand vision of a “Scarf-filled Christmas,” in which all my family receives a scarf for the holiday…wouldn’t that be cool? But then I force myself to remember that I’m about to have another child and I have no clue how that is going to affect things. And then my pre-existing children are moving into the world of extracurricular activities, which really sucks up your time. So I’m not committing to the Scarf Christmas idea…but it sure would be neat. One of these years…very far into the future.

Speaking of the impending third child:
Thar she is. (Just in case you’re wondering what the fraggly-looking thing at the bottom is–that’s Rabbit’s head…she’s clingy while she gets over being sick…) We’re at 36.5 weeks, people. 3.5 weeks to go, but I’ve been known to deliver in as little as 1.5 weeks from now. The anticipation is heightening, mostly because I am getting so uncomfortable. I feel like a manatee. I don’t do much moving at all because the ligaments and tendons that connect my legs to my torso just feel so incredibly over-burdened with this extra weight and walking just plain hurts sometimes. She is head down, though; she had been breech for a while, but has finally turned. *sigh of relief* She kicks me in the kidneys and it makes me cry. (Oh, the inhumanity of having to experience internal kidney blows!) She rests her heels on my ribs and it hurts. I have non-stop heartburn and only eat two times a day because there is just no room to put more food into me than that. (I think God does this to us on purpose so that we will happily trade it all in for sleepless nights and breastfeeding…right now, those things sound deliriously easy and far more comfortable.) *weak woo-hoo* Almost done…and then we’ll get to embark on the wonderful world of post-partum weight loss!!! Can you feel the excitement?!?!

Finished: Ewe Beanie

I think it’s adorable!

Yarn: Bernat CottonTots in Strawberry. I’ve had it forever and finally used it up with this.
Pattern: Rolled Brim Baby Hat with a Top Knot, minus the hearts.
Needles: US 6 DPN

I knit this up in the car when we were at Mr. Broke’s mother’s house for Christmas. It’s a three hour ride up, and then we spend lots of time in the car because she lives a long way away from anything, so it takes at least thirty minutes to get to a restaurant or store…lots of free time that needs something to keep my hands busy. I actually started another hat on the way home, but don’t know if I’ll finish it ever. I get tired of a pattern rather quickly, even one as cute as this.

Everything is sheep-themed for my little lamb. I knit up this beanie and felt it needed something more to make it cute. I originally thought I’d weave some pink and brown grosgrain ribbon around the brim, but I was admiring a sleeper I’d bought for her one evening and realized that I could duplicate the super cute appliqued sheep. I stink at applique, so it’s not the best job–but I can live with it.

I think she’ll look rather cute in the combo. I am getting so excited for this little one to arrive!