Autumn Socks

Close-up of cuff of That Crafty Cara's Autumn Socks

The upside of having a broken foot and not being able to use your sewing machine, drive a car, or basically do anything is that it gives you more time for handwork-style crafting like knitting, which I’ve neglected for the past year during my sewing obsession.  I started these socks while we were living in Australia last year, hoping that they’d be ready for Thanksgiving; but they weren’t and it was OK.  They’re ready for this year’s feast.

That Crafty Cara's Autumn Socks

I finished the first sock while we were in Australia, but didn’t get around to casting on for the second sock until July of this year.  Our family went to Lagoon, and seeing how I was still recovering from back surgery and banned from all the rides, I set up camp and watched over all our stuff while my husband escorted the kids around the park.

I then worked on it mostly at physical therapy appointments for the rest of the summer, and finished it up on a lovely autumn day spent doing archery amongst the changing colors of the leaves in the mountains.  These are the autumn-est of socks.

I’ve procrastinated writing up a post about them because I haven’t wanted to model them–I’ve got a boot on one foot for my stupid broken metatarsal, and I had to have something done to a toe on my other foot because my feet are just whiny little pansies right now.  But I know, from previous experience, that I’ll just never get around to writing a post if I don’t do it when the finish is still fresh in my mind, so foot modeling with a broken foot it is!

Sock Modeling with a broken foot

Fabulous sock modeling with a broke footFabulous.
Just fabulous.
Limp down that runway.

I roll my own eyes at myself.  🙂

Hopefully, next week’s check-in appointment will find me wholly healed and then I can ditch the boot.  *fingers crossed*

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in colorway “Ceibo.”  I knit these up for my US Size 10 feet and have quite a bit leftover.  I may even weigh the leftovers at some point so I can really know just exactly how much is left over.

I used Diane Soucy’s “Beginner’s Lightweight Socks” pattern, which is my go-to pattern, even though I really wish I could get the Yarn Harlot’s “Sock Recipe” to work for me…I mess that one up in some little way every single time, so I went with my tried-and-true pattern.

Pretty autumn colors.  Yay!

Click here to view this project’s Ravelry page.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Socks

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love them. And at least your toes will stay toasty warm in that boot! Have you tried toe up socks. I started knitting toe up and I wo t go back to cuff down. I love that I can knit ’til the yarn runs out or I have the length I want above my ankle. I never can judge when I knit top down. My favorite toe up patterns are Wendy Johnsons. I really recommend her book Toe Up Socks.


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