Re-visiting My Crafting Goals for 2014

I laughed out loud when I read my crafting goals list that I wrote last year.  I was set to really do a lot of crafting in 2014, but then we got sideswiped by a last-minute (read: three months’ warning) MOVE to Australia.  I took along the bare minimum of projects, and really got ahead on those two things; which was good, because they are time-intensive little suckers.

However, I love to look at my lists and use the strike-through thing on words, so I’m going to go through last year’s list and see what happened:

2014-specific crafting commitments and dreams 
  1. Faberge Shawl for a sister’s wedding day:  I started this and got through the first section, but she never got back to me about some questions I had in regards to her original plans for it.  As far as I know, they didn’t get married either.  Communication is a little scarce with that stepbrother.
  2. “Star Spangled” quilt for my third daughter:  I am halfway done with this, which is precisely on-schedule.  It’s a beast; pieced entirely by hand.  It’s my goal to finish it in 2015.
  3. “Rocket Age” quilt for my son:  Two blocks done.  It got left behind in the States because it requires a sewing machine for the string blocks.  
  4. Peacock Stole for my granny, which I promised to her four years ago:  Over halfway done!  I’m hoping it will be done by the end of March this year.  This is the other beast…besides a couple of pairs of handknit socks, I only worked on this shawl and the Star Spangled Diamonds quilt for my daughter while we were in Australia.  Love them, but…yeah…looking forward to being done with them!
  5. 2 Christmas quilts:  Nothing.  I signed up for the Fat Quarter’s Shop Christmas Fabric Club, so I have a few fabric collections to choose from in the future.
  6. Baptism wall hanging for my 2nd daughter:  Nope, but I could make good on this still.  She didn’t want to get baptized in Australia, so her baptism will take place this spring.  We’ll see.
  7. Church crayon bags for all four of my children:  Nope
  8. Advika mittens for myself:  Nope
  9. Winter accessories for my first daughter:  Another nope
  10. Sample Tweedy Pumpkin hat for pattern re-market in the autumn:  Sigh, no.
  11. Sample Harmony Wave Cowl(s) for pattern re-market in late autumn:  Nuh-uh
  12. Woodland Winter Mittens, as many as possible:  Laughing hysterically.  NO.
  13. Socks for me VICTORY!  One (1) full pair, and half of two other pairs.
  14. Aprons:  I bought four new ones in Australia.
Almost Finished (less than a week’s worth of work):
  1. Matryoshka dress:  I just divided it up into my new scrap bins.  The child intended has grown out of it.
  2. Cowboy baby quiltStill needs its binding.  THAT’S ALL!  Geez.
  3. Pastel Flower baby quilt:  I started the quilting on the border at some point…about 40% of border quilted.
  4. Hexie bag:  Nope
  5. Patriotic ruffle skirt:  Into the scrap bins.
  6. Pink Vest:  I realized that wearing vests makes my son break out in a heat rash, so this was frogged.

Needed by a Specific Date:

  1. Matryoshka Dress–spring/summer, daughter will outgrow it otherwise.  She outgrew it.
  2. Storybook Hexagon baby quilt–a gift for a friend, due this spring.  I DID finish this, and it was beyond beautiful.
    Patriotic ruffle skirt–spring/summer, same daughter will outgrow it otherwise.  (She hates to wear pants.)  Outgrew it.
  3. Pink Vest–making slightly large for my son, but it’d be good if he could wear it this winter as well.  Frogged; vests give son heat rashes.
  4. Purple Fingerless Mitts–these need to get done, it’s been too long.  Best friend’s birthday’s in April, but otherwise they need to be done by October.  Not a stitch.
  5. Gray Rock Island Shawl–a wedding shawl with a weird back story, I’d like it to be done by October.  Knit a little of the edging.
  6. Faberge Wedding Shawl–wedding’s this summer, I’d like it done by June to avoid last-minute stress.  Never heard back from the bride about it.
  7. “Star Spangled” quilt–I’m re-doing the “Little Kids” bedroom this summer, so by August.  Ha ha!  By August.  I’m insane.  Got a lot of work done on it during the last half of the year.
  8. “Rocket Age” quilt–ditto.  Couldn’t take to Australia
  9. Peacock Stole–this could win ribbons at the County Fair, so by July if I’m interested in that.  Otherwise, it’d make a great birthday or Christmas present for my granny, whose birthday is also in December.  It’d have to be done by Thanksgiving for that.  More than halfway done, expect to be finished in March 2015
  10. 2 Christmas quilts–I know should give up on this idea, but I really want Christmas quilts.  Too bad.
  11. Baptism wall hanging–her baptism will be over Labor Day weekend, so preferably done by August.  Maybe this year?
  12. Church crayon bags–wonderful Easter basket gifts, yes?  Nope.
  13. Tweedy Pumpkin Hat–done by mid-August so I can do all necessary photography and re-marketing.  Nope.
  14. Harmony Wave Cowl(s)–ditto.  Ditto.
In Conclusion:
2014 wasn’t a quantity year for crafts, but I did finish that beautiful Storybook Hexagon Quilt and made significant progress on both the Star Spangled Diamonds Quilt and the Peacock Shawl, with a few little things done for a handful of other projects.

What do you think?

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