Crafting Goals for 2014, or, Consolidation of Mental Energy Regarding WIP’s

Oh my, my, my…

I don’t have a lot of progress to show on any projects right now because I succumbed to a mean little germ late last week, which forced me to spend a couple days laying down, which then made my back go all wonky.  (Such a waste of a weekend!)

I came back to my craft room today for the first time in many days, only to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of different projects I have going on all over the place.

Intrigued, I decided to go through the entire house and round up all the works-in-progress that I have strewn about, and consolidate them into one pile so I could wrap my head around what needed to be done.

Alright, in no particular order, the molehill of WIP’s include:


  1. The “Blue Daffodil” quilt, started in 2006.
  2. The Matroyshka dress, started in 2013.
  3. The Cowboy baby quilt, started in 2008.
  4. The Pastel Flower baby quilt, started in 2008.
  5. Green & Pink Hexie bag, started in 2014.
  6. Free-motion quilting quilt-as-you-go sampler quilt, started in 2014.
  7. Storybook Hexagon baby quilt, started in 2014.
  8. Batik Hexagon quilt, started in 2014.
  9. Aspen Frost mini quilt, started in 2014.
  10. Patriotic ruffle skirt, started in 2012.  (Not pictured)
  1. Dragonfly Stripe Shawl, started in October 2013.
  2. Pink vest for my son, started in August 2013.
  3. Purple Echo Flower Shawl, started in March 2012.
  4. Purple Fingerless Mitts for my best friend, started in August 2012.
  5. Gray Rock Island Shawl, started in October 2013.
  6. Crocheted Christmas Granny Square Afghan, started in November 2012.
  7. Peach Fair Isle Baby Cardigan, started in January 2010.  (Not pictured)

2014-specific crafting commitments and dreams I’d like to also (start and) finish this year:
  1. Faberge Shawl for a sister’s wedding day
  2. “Star Spangled” quilt for my third daughter.
  3. “Rocket Age” quilt for my son.
  4. Peacock Stole for my granny, which I promised to her four years ago.
  5. 2 Christmas quilts
  6. Baptism wall hanging for my 2nd daughter (And I should probably make one for my first daughter as well…never got around to that.)
  7. Church crayon bags for all four of my children.  (I’d like to keep their regular backpacks set aside for school-related stuff, instead of switching out contents all the time.)
  8. Advika mittens for myself.
  9. Winter accessories for my first daughter, which were supposed to be done already.
  10. Sample Tweedy Pumpkin hat for pattern re-market in the autumn.
  11. Sample Harmony Wave Cowl(s) for pattern re-market in late autumn.
  12. Woodland Winter Mittens, as many as possible
  13. Socks for me.  🙂
  14. Aprons.  There’s a serious shortage.  Aprons in April…I like the alliteration of that.  Easter?
Geez, no wonder I always feel overwhelmed!  I’ve found that writing a blog post like this helps me to focus, and then I can also come back and re-read it whenever I’m tempted to add in a new project.  Bear with me.
Some sort of eliminating criteria needs to be applied here.  Alright, two categories:  1. What’s close to being finished already?, and 2. What has a definitive “need by” date?:
Almost Finished (less than a week’s worth of work):
  1. Matryoshka dress, but only if I shelve all my ideas of embroidering and lining it.
  2. Cowboy baby quilt, only needs binding cut and sewn on.
  3. Pastel Flower baby quilt, needs the edge quilted, binding cut and sewn on.
  4. Hexie bag, just needs the sides sewn together and zipper, etc.
  5. Patriotic ruffle skirt…maybe.  I think I may have to start over, but it would probably take less than a week to make from beginning to end anyway.
  6. Pink Vest, attach pieces, add ribbing.
Needed by a Specific Date:
  1. Matryoshka Dress–spring/summer, daughter will outgrow it otherwise.
  2. Storybook Hexagon baby quilt–a gift for a friend, due this spring.
  3. Patriotic ruffle skirt–spring/summer, same daughter will outgrow it otherwise.  (She hates to wear pants.)
  4. Pink Vest–making slightly large for my son, but it’d be good if he could wear it this winter as well.
  5. Purple Fingerless Mitts–these need to get done, it’s been too long.  Best friend’s birthday’s in April, but otherwise they need to be done by October.
  6. Gray Rock Island Shawl–a wedding shawl with a weird back story, I’d like it to be done by October.
  7. Faberge Wedding Shawl–wedding’s this summer, I’d like it done by June to avoid last-minute stress.
  8. “Star Spangled” quilt–I’m re-doing the “Little Kids” bedroom this summer, so by August.
  9. “Rocket Age” quilt–ditto.
  10. Peacock Stole–this could win ribbons at the County Fair, so by July if I’m interested in that.  Otherwise, it’d make a great birthday or Christmas present for my granny, whose birthday is also in December.  It’d have to be done by Thanksgiving for that.
  11. 2 Christmas quilts–I know should give up on this idea, but I really want Christmas quilts.
  12. Baptism wall hanging–her baptism will be over Labor Day weekend, so preferably done by August.
  13. Church crayon bags–wonderful Easter basket gifts, yes?
  14. Tweedy Pumpkin Hat–done by mid-August so I can do all necessary photography and re-marketing.
  15. Harmony Wave Cowl(s)–ditto.
Alright, let’s see what we can do with that information.  Things nearly finished should just hurry up and get finished, while things that are needed by a certain date definitely need work no matter what, plus there should be enough “just because” projects because this is a hobby, not a career.
I’m going to think on this for a couple of days, just so I can weed out the unnecessary projects–there’s a lot of “must be done by” projects this year, so I’m going to have to be a little severe in my selections if I actually want to finish the stuff that’s important to me.

How are your crafting goals coming along?  I saw a bunch of posts about them at the beginning of the month, so now’s a good time to do a little assessment!

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