Autumn Quarter Meal Plan

I used to follow an elaborate method of meal planning until a few years ago when I just couldn’t keep up with it anymore.  My weekly menu planning time ceased to exist for some reason, and we’ve been in a bit of a free fall ever since.  I’m not one for chaos, so I’ve decided to give a quarterly meal plan a go.

I’ve planned out four weeks’ worth of meals, and we’ll go through the rotation three times:  October, November, and December.  I’ll get good at making the same things over and over again, and I won’t have to sit down to plan out the next week anymore.  It’s just done.  Go shopping and cook.

Here’s what I’m planning on making (over and over) for the next three months:

(CP) = Crock Pot

That’s just dinners.  I’m very intrigued by this method of preparing lunches for the week, and I’m going to start planning to implement the practice in the coming weeks.  Food is too basic, too…easy?…to be stressing over.  I’m tired of trying to decide what’s going on the table anymore!  I need to reserve my energy for conversations, teaching (so mentally exhausting) and just enjoying life.  This is something that can be simplified that won’t cut corners because it’s simplified.  I’ll let you know how it’s going as we go along.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Quarter Meal Plan

  1. Rachel Helps says:

    wow, you have everything planned out for 4 weeks!?

    The lunch ideas are nice, but Adam likes hot hearty non-sandwich meals I usually end up giving him frozen leftovers. I did buy some freezer-safe divided lunch containers, which made them feel more special (“it's a lunch!”) instead of blah leftovers.


  2. A Jones says:

    Awesome! You should include some recipes…never heard of Golden Chicken and Rice. I find that I am stumped when it comes to dinner lately. I may have to use your plan as well!


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