The 2021 Halloween Costume Chronicles: Renaissance, Part 2

Me: “Ren, do you want any kinds of decorations on your witch hat?”

Renaissance: “Maybe?”

Me: [buys an ungodly amount of fake fall foliage on my next trip to JoAnn Fabrics]

Renaissance, upon seeing the loot: “Wow, you sure bought a lot of that stuff.”

Me: [grinning maniacally] “You wanna watch YouTube videos with me about how to decorate witch hats?”

Renaissance: [hesitates] “Um…sure, why not?”

[We watch aforementioned videos]

Renaissance: “Awww man, now I wish I’d chosen a more complicated witch persona! Those hats were cool!”

[We fuss with her hat, trying to figure out how we want it to sit]

Renaissance: “It’s too floppy.”

Me: “We can try to add something to make it stand up more.”

Renaissance: “Like what?”

Me: [scans the craft room] “Corset boning?”


Junebug’s First Quilt

11216585_10153421784701670_7238221019505939422_nI shared a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago of Junebug holding up her completed quilt top.  It was supposed to have its binding by that time, but my back had flared up earlier that week, so the binding had taken a back seat.  Ever since that day, Junebug has “reminded” me that her quilt needed binding. Continue reading