Finished: Bella’s Mittens

I extend my apologies to the two potential recipients of these mittens, but I’ve decided to keep them for myself.

Pattern: Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault
Yarn: Peruvia Quick by Berroco, Color #9125 “Sea Turtle,” 2 Skeins
Purchased at: Kamille’s
Needles: #10 DPN & #8 DPN
Started: September 2009
Finished: December 8, 2009

I love bulky yarn. It makes you feel like you’re a superspeed knitter. I love cables. There’s something about manipulating stitches to become cables that I happen to find very exciting. This pattern offered both good things. It’s a good pattern and I recommend it to everyone, especially since it’s free!

Yes, the mittens were originally slated to go to one of two Twilighters whom I figured would appreciate them immensely, but then the past two days’ worth of snow alerted me to the fact that I own ONE glove. I’ve owned this ONE glove for about three years now and I keep it because I like it and I maintain a hope that its mate will magically reappear.

A person can only hold onto hope for so long; especially when it encompasses dried, frozen skin that starts to crack and bleed. It would be absolutely ludicrous to give away a newly finished pair of mittens when I so desperately need a pair of mittens for myself.

Another perk to these little lovelies is that they’re loooong. My maternity winter coat only reaches about halfway down my forearm. (Actually, every coat I’ve ever owned has only reached halfway down my forearm. Why is that?) Another problem solved. The wonderful bell-shaped cuff fits OVER my coat sleeve. No gaps!

*blissful sigh* They went out for their inaugural use last night as I carried things in and out to my Relief Society’s Christmas dinner and they passed with flying colors. It’s so nice to be warm again.

And the Knitting Mojo Returns!

Let me tell you, I have missed my quality time spent with yarn and sticks. Now that I’m over my nausea (for the most part), I can once again stand to look at a project for more than two minutes without wanting to throw up! Yay!

This is mitten #1 of the pair of “Bella’s Mittens” that I started back in September. It had been left abandoned on the shelf until a few days ago. I know of a few young ladies who would probably like it very much if they became the owners of such a pair of mittens.

The idea that they might be done in time for Christmas gifting has been hampered by occurences such this:This is commonly referred to as “pride goeth before the fall.” I got cocky about doing the cables and stopped looking at the directions and then did them backwards and didn’t realize it until about ten rows later. But the mistakes have been corrected and I have moved on.

Oh knitting, I have missed our daily chats. Let’s not ever stray from each other ever again.