Creating, Not Just Crafting

Last spring I wrote myself a reminder that would automatically pop up in my feed on December 26, which is about the time I start firming up plans for the next year.  It says, “Don’t plan sewing & inside projects starting in March–once it gets sunny, you hate being inside!”

I remember being swamped with quilting deadlines last year, and looking out my window at my blossoming yard and just being so forlorn about not being able to be out in the sunshine and dirt.  March and April are weird months here amongst the elevation of the Rockies and the super fun extra element of being in the desert–it’s still pretty stinking cold outside, but spring is hesitantly getting her foot in the door and then quickly pulling it back by throwing a spring snowstorm in the mix, repeat ad nauseum, and then May happens and it heats up FAST.  I’ve had plants just not grow because they were planted too late and couldn’t handle the heat, which is so weird because, hello, SUNSHINE!  It’s what makes plants grow!

With this year’s forced distancing from crafting–thanks to our family believing we were going to relocate to North Carolina until the last minute when that company rescinded their job offer, and already having packed up my crafting room because that’s an easy thing to pack first–the reminder to not schedule crafting starting in March was moot, but still appreciated.

I just spent today out in the garden, which has been in a state of preparation since mid-March, planting peas (might be too late for those, but we’ll see), carrots, onions, lettuce, sunflowers, and various herbs.  A neighbor walking by asked me if I felt like a Winter Quarters pioneer, planting crops with the expectation of leaving them behind for someone else.  And I really do–I don’t know if we’ll still be living here come July, which is when most of these things will be in height of their harvest, but it’s still creating something, and I really need that right now while I’m stuck in this limbo of not knowing where we’re going to be living next school year.  That feeling of doing something and making something is still needed, and I don’t need to create via my regular channels in order to satisfy it.

To be honest, it’s really nice to be out in the garden without any pressure to hurry up and get back inside to meet a sewing deadline!  I’ve been under sewing deadlines for the past three years now, and I’m appreciative of this, albeit unwelcome, restriction that has cut me off from regular time with my sewing machine because it’s good to get a breath of fresh air and be able to look around and contemplate if your life is heading in the direction you think it should be heading.  I’m learning that I probably need to cut back on the sewing commitments so I can more uniformly focus on the many facets of my life.

That sunshine feels good.



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