Spring Fever, or, Portable Project Time

I can’t craft, people!  I mean, obviously, because most of my stuff is boxed up, but mostly because it is SUNNY outside, and whenever I think about crafting inside, I just recoil from the thought in horror.  I actually noticed this attitude of mine last year and wrote myself a Google Keep note to not schedule anything from March through August because I just feel so unmotivated crafting-wise once the nicer weather hits.  I’ll do some sewing during the dog days of summer when it’s just too hot outside in the afternoon and all I want is the coolness of my basement, and then something about it turning colder in September just ignites a sudden urge to knit for me, and off I go with crafting craziness.

Unfortunately, just because it’s spring and the weather has turned nicer, doesn’t mean I can really get going on my garden because I live at a high elevation, which means freak snowstorms and freezing temperatures.  The rule of thumb ’round these parts is to not plant anything until after Mother’s Day…and that’s, like, six weeks away!  So I clean up the garden as best I can, and trim errant branches…but that’s not enough activity to fill my days just yet.

But I need to be outside in that sunshine, so I think it’s time to get out the ol’ EPP projects and maybe some knitting before all desire to knit evaporates with the warmer weather.

Does spring fever affect your crafting rituals?  Any great portable/outside crafting suggestions?  I’d love to read ’em!


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