The Explanation Post

…because it’s been about five-and-a-half months since I last posted, ha ha.

Blowing out my back by trying to take a birthday cake out of the oven was a big wake-up call for me, so I headed off to the doctor to see if there was to do about my supposedly “healed” back, and we decided to try out some new stuff, one of them being starting physical therapy all over again, pretending like I was fresh out of surgery.  Which is so utterly exhausting, and then my husband was having shoulder problems which made it so he couldn’t drive, which led to him having shoulder surgery, which led to another six weeks of him not being able to drive, and school was finishing up for the kids, and…blaaaaarrrrgh.  I can’t leave my social media channels open and unattended because…I can’t.  It feels irresponsible!  What if my account is hacked and someone posts really terrible things?  What if a comment war breaks out and I’m not noticing it growing out of control?  When in doubt, shut ’em down.  So, that’s that.

But now I’ve “graduated” from physical therapy, my husband’s shoulder is healed, school started back up, and…that brings us to now.

How have your summers been?  We had a good one here.  Lots of baseball and softball, some hiking and swimming (I always wish we had done more of those two things!), a little bit of crafting, and my brother and his family visited us.  That’s a good summer!

Good summer and all things considered, it sure is nice to start easing back into a routine that involves sewing again!  I’m putting out some feelers for collaborations, and finishing up some UFOs, so pretty soon there should be some cute projects showing up around here.

Until then, happy crafting!


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