I do not deserve this reputation

As mentioned before, my husband was unemployed for three months at the end of last year before getting a new job right before Christmas.  As you can imagine, my discretionary spending plummeted during that time, and I’ve been playing a little bit of catch-up with needed items ever since he started receiving a paycheck again.

Grocery store, Wal-Mart, gas station, repeat…that’s about all the spending I’ve been doing in recent months.

However, that’s not all the shopping I’ve been doing…as I noticed I needed various items for the home and for my crafting endeavors, I’ve added them to my various online shopping carts and then left them there until such a time when I could pay for them.  Nothing much; just a couple spools of thread, some birthday gifts for an upcoming crafter’s birthday, and a fat quarter bundle that came out months ago that I had promised myself I’d buy “later” when paychecks became a regular occurrence once again.  And then the Amazon.com shopping cart…there was an item in there that I’ve been eyeing for about three years, and finally it was the right time to purchase that.

I also injured my foot last week, so I decided to sign up for my grocery store’s “deliver to your car” service, which meant that I submitted my weekly grocery shopping online…and that’s a big spend, no matter the week.

I patted myself on the back after submitting all my orders, pleased with my organizational skills, and my extreme self-discipline with waiting three months to order that coveted fat quarter bundle, and waiting three years to order the thing from Amazon.  Because, really, that was some insane self-discipline.  Hearty pats on the back.

But now, due to my amazing self-discipline, my debit card has been repeatedly flagged for fraud prevention.  The phone has not stopped ringing, and I have had to speak with the automated fraud prevention service over and over again.

Moreover, I’m now beyond the help of the automated system and I’m just automatically transferred to a customer service representative whenever a new charge pops up on my account…and they run through my recent purchases every time, and remark about what a good day I must have had yesterday, and I feel like an idiot explaining that it was three months’ worth of purchases all at once from places called the Fat Quarter Shop and Missouri Star Quilting Company, and I don’t actually spend money like that on a regular basis, and the Amazon thing was a three years’ wait (seriously, it was a $75 item, we’re not talking embarrassing amounts of money here), in some fruitless attempt to convince the faceless customer service representative and myself that I’m not a reckless spender.

But then there’s the “computer software” charge…and it’s large…because it’s my grocery order.  And since the charge went through my account under the shopping app’s name, I’m flagged for literally spending a week’s worth of grocery money on *apps*.  And, you know, there’s six people in our family, so a week’s worth of grocery money at an app store does indeed scream, “Stolen credit card!”

I’m cringing every time the phone rings, but I have to answer so they won’t deny payment to the pretty fabric stores, and, you know, for my groceries.

Such are the trials of a fabric junkie.


One thought on “I do not deserve this reputation

  1. rwelean says:

    how bizarre! I guess it’s nice that they’re looking out for you, but it’s also a pain. And, wait, you injured your foot again? that sucks 😛 at least we live in an era of online grocery shopping 🙂


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