I am recovering very well from my back surgery.  I am now allowed to drive and pick up stuff that weighs less than twenty pounds.  However, there is to be no twisting, bending, or extended reaching; and I’m supposed to walk twice a day for thirty minutes and try to move about as much as possible throughout the rest of the day.

However, without the tasks of basic house cleaning and upkeep listed on my list of “approved activities,” I’m at a loss in regards to what to do to “keep moving.”  Sewing = sitting.  Knitting = sitting.  Reading = sitting.  I don’t like shopping enough to make a habit of it, mostly because I like to keep my money; and everything else needs to take into consideration that I’ve got a four year old still at home who cannot walk around the neighborhood all day with me.  (I’m having a hard time getting those two walks a day in simply because I can’t risk taking him with me and having him refuse to walk anymore because I cannot pick him up or carry him.)

Creating-wise, March was a big bust.  Shocker.  And I know it’s not a big deal, but one always wishes that they had done more than they did.  My creating time in March was solely focused upon fashioning new bone to fill in the hole in my vertebrae, and knitting together my back muscles.  It was exhausting, but I’ve made huge improvements in a very short time.  One week ago I could barely sit for more than twenty minutes, and yesterday I was able to sew for an hour.  Two weeks ago I couldn’t do my walks by myself because I’d get so tired.  Three weeks ago I couldn’t get out of my bed by myself.  It’s definite progress all the time, and it’s progress that’s more important than quilts and yarn.  It’s just slow, and we all get a little tired of something when it’s all we’ve been doing for a while.  At least now I can sew a little bit; and, now that I’m off my heavy medication for dealing with the incision pain, I can probably give reading another go because I can probably comprehend words on a page again.  (I mean, I’m typing this, am I not?  And it seems coherent…that says something about my ability to read.)

So I’m here, mending.  It doesn’t make for pretty “Finished Object” photos, but someday I’ll start posting those again.  Until then, a happy spring and Easter to you all.  I had some good Easter project ideas earlier this year, but they didn’t come to fruition because of all this healing I’m doing…maybe next year.  🙂


4 thoughts on “April

  1. June Allmendinger says:

    Very Happy that you are on the mend but I know you have to be very careful. All things can wait but please do things that give you pleasure honey, to stay sane. I am abit worried over you and love you very much. Just because I don’t live there, you are always on my mind. You need time and tender loving care. Weekly blessing might be on your calendar


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